Sound. Workflow. Control.
Softube are in their own words
”Rock n' Roll Scientists”, making world
class hardware and software for audio
professionals and musicians around
the world. Being a high-end product,
their software includes plug-ins from
renowned brands such as Marshall,
Abbey Road and Fender. We were
asked to develop a packaging
identity for Softube products that
communicated the expertise and
quality tools for music production
you get access to when paying
a price premium. 
Our design concept is based on
the layering of sounds and effects in
modern music production. By visually
layering photography, colours and
typography we created a dynamic,
easily recognisable design solution.
Furthermore, we wanted to build an
unboxing experience connected to
the purchasing of software licences.
A licence is expensive, but is in essence
just a code. To show the actual value
of the code we made a booklet with
interviews with some of the industry
greats that use Softube products.