Plaster Blaster
Since the brand’s launch in 1952, Salvequick has been a leader and a true expert in plasters. However, competition in the European market has been growing vastly in recent years and it was evident that they needed to reclaim their position. Their portfolio of products had expanded greatly to meet this competition, however the consumer benefits of the various products were not clear anymore.
Salvequick turned to us to revitalize the brand. Our work started with the evolution of their brand platform, which came to center around a new Brand Essence, “To carry on with life.”
An emotionally charged product portfolio strategy followed providing much-needed structure and direction, grouping the products into key categories with clear emotional differences and various benefits.
With this in place, a complex design development process commenced for their numerous SKU’s.
The result? A straight-forward and clear identity for four distinct categories of plasters to cater to your every need, motivating greater shelf-space and the consumer buying more.