Paws Up For Claws
Meet the mighty, magnificent, gorgeous
wild cats. Panthera was founded ten
years ago to protect the world’s wild cats
and the vast landscapes on which they
depend – landscapes that also support
countless animals, plants and people.
We were honored with the task of
redesigning Panthera’s identity.

With these breathtaking animals being
our inspiration, we let their graceful and
dynamic speed and motion come alive
in the logotype. Colors are chosen to
symbolize freedom and boldness.
Together with the typography it creates
an overall expression that manifests
strong, elegant and clear. Just as the
cats themselves.

It is easy to lose your heart to these
amazing animals, and so did we.
Please, if you find it right for you,
go into the site and donate.
In doing so you contribute to the
health of the whole wild world.
"There are probably no more than
3,000 tigers left in the wild. People
are stalking them, hunting them,
and taking down the last remnants
of their habitat. We can’t let this
species go extinct."
Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, CEO at Panthera