Get In Focus
Naka is a new focus drink from Sweden.
It’s a natural energy drink containing
a low amount of additives and
preservatives. The key ingredient
is green tea that has been used by
Japanese Zen monks for almost
1000 years to maintain focus
during meditation.

Combined with Guarana and Ginseng
that incorporates energy and cleansing
effects, Naka Focus gives its user
increased cognitive ability and prevents
stress. The lightly carbonated drink is
meant to be a refreshing alternative
to both coffee and tea.

With inspiration from Asia and the Zen
monks we focused on the creation of
the enso circle. Drawing an enso is
a disciplined-creative practice of
Japanese ink painting. It was also
important to show the Swedish origin
of the drink by adding a Scandinavian
design expression.

Already the drink is highly appreciated
by students, climbers, programmers,
yoga practitioners, and many more.
"The enso circle is an expression
for when the mind is free to
allow the body to create."