SCA Baby / Libero
Rolls Royce of Diapers
Swedish SCA Baby/Libero is one of the
world’s largest diaper producers and
a champion for freedom and progressive
parenting. In 2014 we were asked
to create the concept and design
for a premium diaper range for the
Nordic market, or as one could say,
a Rolls Royce of diapers.

The brief was to convey the softness
and superior technology of the products,
with a sophisticated expression.
The inspiration for the design was
to combine the luxury feeling of fashion
magazines with the technical drawings
from the sports world.

Now recently launched, Libero Touch
is a highly popular product, providing
a tailored experience for many happy
babies’ bottoms in Sweden and beyond.

Bronze in
Pentawards 2016
"Naturally, in photos we casted children
with varying ethnicities, as this is the
Nordics of today. We also worked with
close-up shots to portray natural skin tones."
Michaela Green, Design Director at Amore