A juicier choice
Wouldn´t you chose an organic juice over any other juice to put on your breakfast table? The juice category has experienced a lot of change, driven by what people expect from this fruity brew. With a higher attention towards consciousness, as well as a wish for more premium products, Bravo, together with Amore, stepped in to develop one of the first mass market organic juices.

Not only is the juice itself a flavorful experience, Bravo Eko has also been an opportunity to move Bravo as a brand, attracting new consumers but also strengthening the position and relevance for the contemporary family.

Bravo is Sweden’s leading juice brand,
a family product with a well-recognised and unique design expression.
The look of Bravo Eko has added further to the impact of this tasty bouquet, visualizing the concept of urban gardening, with a large splash of joy and playfulness thrown in.