Work Philosophy Contact Journal
To Delight and Better
Our World Through Design
We are here to make a difference. Through the
power of ideas and design we elicit emotions
and boost the bottom line, and also strive to
create positive change.

We push our clients to be progressive, making
choices that contribute to something better,
driving issues within health, environment,
society and culture. By challenging creativity
and through close collaboration we build brands
and create design that matters.

Why? Our belief is that brands and business are
one of the strongest forces to create meaningful
impact in our world.
Design Philosophy
Love at Every Sight
We believe in design that just feels right.
You know, that instant gut-feeling that
directly draws you in.

Then, when you look closer, you discover
a deeper message or feel thrilled by the
smartness or simplicity of it all. Through
first attraction to meaningful interaction;
this is our way of creating strong brand
relationships that last over time.

Our Beliefs
We grow through courage
We solve with empathy
We collaborate for creativity
What we do
Progressive Strategies
& Bold Design
Since the year 2000 we have created lasting
emotional connections between brands and
consumers, for clients ranging from small
innovators to global organizations.

Insight & Trend
Through Consumer & Market Insight,
Trend Reports & Innovation Workshops
we identify what is going on in the world
and importantly - what is most relevant
for your brand and business.
We help our clients define their purpose
and communicate their offering through
Brand Strategy & Architecture, Portfolio
Strategy, NPD, Naming and
Communication Strategy.
Tone of Voice & Copy
How you say things is just as important
as what you say. Through Tone of Voice
and Copy, we position brands and products
and build long-term relationships with
delighted consumers.
Identity Design
A brand’s visual expression is one of the
most powerful tools to communicate.
We offer Design Strategy & Structure,
Visual Identity and Guidelines to ensure
strong identities in all touch points.
Packaging Design
Packaging Design is at the heart of
what we do. We create packaging concepts
and design that combine delight with
smartness, to stand out and attract
consumers over and over again.
Editorial Design
Our approach to Editorial Concepts and
Design is to make stories or ideas come
to life with both reader’s minds and
hearts in mind.
Everyday online interaction is the new
brand reality. We craft digital brand
platforms with Digital Design that ensures
a coherent and engaging brand experience.
Through Retail Concepts and In-Store
Identities we create physical environments
that combine an appealing experience with
clear brand and packaging communication.
Loving the Brand
Behind every successful brand is a group
of dedicated people. We develop internal
branding knowledge and engagement
through Workshops, Brand Books &
Inspirational Brand Training.

Collaboration is no stranger to us. We gladly
work with other agencies to make sure we can
deliver the best end result based on your needs.